Hardox 550 Bolt-On Cutting Edges

Hardox Wearparts Centre Perth is pleased to be able to offer bolt-on cutting edges produced from Hardox 550.

Hardox 550 is a special wear resistant quenched and tempered steel with a typical hardness of 550 Brinell

Hardox 550 has been especially developed for heavy abrasive applications, making it the superior material choice for a heavy duty cutting edge for the extreme abrasion environment


Increased Service Life
  • By changing a regular 450 grade cutting edge with a Hardox 550 bolt on edge you may gain an extra 100% service life in a typical hard rock quarry*
  • Additional service life will outweigh the price difference
  • Hardox has a consistent high hardness and wear resistance providing a hardness accuracy guarantee of +/- 25 Brinell
Improved Productivity
  • Reduced running costs due to less material and maintenance expenses
  • Fewer maintenance stops improving your productivity
Local Supply and security of Stock
  • Local and regional supply through Hardox Wearparts Centre Perth located in Pinjarra
  • Back-up stock can be arranged according to your specific requirements
Customised Solutions
  • Just ask us and we will  work with you to develop a customized solution to meet your operational challenges