BluPoint Ground Engaging Tools

BluPoint™ Ground Engaging Tools transform the worn teeth from your current Ground Engaging Tools (GET) supplier such as Esco, Bradken and Hensley into high quality heavy duty mining teeth designed for the toughest conditions.

Increased GET Life and Decreased GET Costs.

  • Using a patented design and process, the rebuilt ground engaging tools utilize market leading Hardox® wear plate in their construction and by doing so the BluPoint rebuilt ground engaging tools usually offer increase service life at a lower costs compared to the original.
  • Patented design and rebuild process ensure s consistency and quality.

Customisation to meet your operational challenges
  • The unique patented design and construction of BluPoint™ rebuilt ground engaging tools enables easy customisation of your rebuilt GET to meet your requirements – either through changes in the geometry or the specification of the Hardox® wear plate used.
  • Due to the rebuild process, BluPoint™ rebuilt ground engaging tools can be installed on your current supplier’s adaptors with no modifications required.

Local Production with Rapid Turnaround
  • Lean, local production means that BluPoint™ rebuilt ground engaging tools can ensure you never again run out of GET.
  • Ability for worn-out teeth to be turned around in a short timeframe should they be required.
  • By using the BluPoint GETs you support the local industry.

Lean Supply Chain / Security of Stock
  • BluPoint™ can provide backup supply, enabling  customers to concentrate their new GET purchases from one single manufacturer.
  • Leverage the benefits of single adaptor / fixing system types and supply agreements without the fear of running out of teeth and the associated productivity losses.
  • In Western Australia our stock locations includes Tom Price, Pannawonica and Pinjarra.
  • Currently we stock rebuilt Esco S95  Esco S85, Esco S81, Esco S55 and Hensley XSC 127 GETs. 
Product range
  • An indicative product range is shown below. However, we have experience in remanufacturing a wide range of other teeths as well for drag lines, dippers, face shovels, backhoes and wheel loaders using the patented BluPoint™ process.
  • Thus in the event that you require any teeth not listed below please contact us as we would be more than happy to investigate developing additional products to meet your needs.
Product Name OEM X-Reference Dimenson A
Dimension B
Dimension C
Weight (kg)
BP145SD Hensley XS145SD 60 505 127 47
BP152RC Hensley XS152RC 60 515 127 55
BPS81SV2 Esco S81SV2 60 517 120 70
BP85SD Esco S85SV2SD 60 525 130 78
BP95SD Esco S95SD 60 595 140 92
BPS9BHP Bradken PPS9BHP 60 595 140 92
BP127RM Hensley XSC127RM 60 620 180 115
BP12RMHL Hensley XSC12RMHL 60 640 180 125
BP95CHD Esco S95CHD 60 600 180  155