BluPoint Rebuilt Ripper Teeth

Hardox Wearparts Centre Perth are pleased to be able to offer rebuilt Ripper Teeth for D11 Dozers.

Increased Wear Life
  • By changing a regular 400 Brinell large dozer ripper teeth with a Hardox 500 ripper teeth you may gain up to an extra 80% service life in a typical hard rock quarry*
  • Recent field trials at mining locations in Western Australia have demonstrated increased wear life over standard OEM parts, reducing the need for downtime to roll or replace
Improved Penetration
  • Due to the increased sharpness of the rebuilt tooth, it is able to demonstrate increased ground penetration and reduced need of tooth sharpening and maintenance
  • The increased penetration also reduces stress on the adapter
Customised Solutions
  • BluPoint Ripper Teeth can be customized to meet your demands, this can include changing the dimensions / length, as well as the option of applying hard facing for the most extreme ground conditionsPrice and Customised Solutions
  • We offer a competitive price below that of the standard OEM parts but with the added benefits detailed above
Customer Feedback:
The teeth are performing very well on site due to the fact that they do not need to be rolled or turned, because the tooth is keeping its sharpness longer than the original, Also they are getting double the wear life so we are not going through as many teeth. 
I like the idea that the teeth can be modified quickly with out any time delays or cost adjustments - this is something no one else can offer with this type of product.

/ Ryan Look, Maintenance Supervisor, Texcom Mining & Civil, on utilizing BluPoint Rebuilt Ripper Teeth on Cat D11 Dozers