Research and development of Recycled Ground Engaging Tools by BluPoint on a variety of sites and materials throughout Western Australia has proven the process to be very successful and the product to be unbreakable. 

All brands of Ground Engaging Tools have been successfully rebuilt by BluPoint using the highest of quality 500 HBW steel proven to be stronger and last longer than the original cast steel product.

Pricing of the BluPoint Recycled Ground Engaging Tools are guranteed to be 20% cheaper than the original product and the shape of the rebuilt tooth can be custom made to suit the clients requirements at no extra cost.



BluPoint has recently completed trials on several mines within Western Australia using the process to recycle Ground Engaging Tools with a great deal of success for Newmont at the Boddington gold mine, Rio Tinto at the Tom Price iron ore mine and BGC at the Windarling and Koolyanobbing iron ore mines.  

Mining companies that are now recycling for the future.

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